Pocket-size box
original anise
Pocket-size box
original lemon
Pocket-size box
original rose
Pocket-size box
original rose
Pocket-size box
original violet
Lemon pastilles
oval tin Week end a Paris
Tasting sachet
original anis
Tasting sachet
original lemon
Tasting sachet
original mint
Tasting sachet
original violet

Sablés with
Milk chocolate bar
w/ sea salt
Milk chocolate bar
w/ hazelnuts
Milk chocolate bar
w/ coconut
Dark chocolate bar
w/ sea salt
Dark chocolate bar
w/ raspberry
Dark chocolate bar
w/ sesame

Ricqlès: A French Classic
Since 1838 Ricqlès has been producing this alcool de menthe, a refreshing tonic that may be used to relieve motion sickness and nausea or to soothe itches and aches. Fresh peppermint leaves are harvested and undergo a unique steam distillation process, then cooled in a condenser to isolate the peppermint essential oil. In the final stage, water is added to the essential oil alcohol and bottled.
Peppermint oil #ICRI

A New Look for Favols Jams and Jams for Cheese

Apple Tatin Jam
Violet Confit
Rose Confit
Blueberry Jam
for Cheese w/
4 Peppercorns
Black Cherry Jam
for Cheese
Quince, Thyme
& Rosemary
Jam for Cheese
Fig & Honey
Jam for Cheese

A New Look for Maffren Nougat and Calisson Boxes

Giant Calissons

Distillerie du Perigord: New and Now Available Year Round

Prunes in Armagac
Cherries in Kirsch
8 cannelés w/
Caribbean rum
8 cannelés w/
Armagnac rum
8 cannelés w/
Cognac & orange liqueur
8 babas w/
Cognac & orange liqueur
8 cannel├ęs w/

A New Look for Maitre Savon!
Rhassoul Argan
Lemon Verbena
Lemon Verbena
Liquid Soap
Liquid Soap
Liquid Soap

January 2024

Chips w/
Jura Cheese
Cornichons w/
champagne vinegar
Sardines in water
w/ 5 peppers
Crab oil w/ bird chili
Dark truffle bar
rooster tin

Now Available Year-Round: Mercier Chocolate Praline and Cookies

Chocolate saucission
Chocolate praline in
form of goat cheese
Chocolate praline in
form of Camembert
Chocolate praline in
form of Camembert
Sable cookies

December 2023

Hot chocolate mix

November 2023

Kubli Paris Skyline tin
Fruits de mer

Glass jars
Fruits de mer

Round plastic jars

Mini sucres d'orge
Mint bon bons,

August 2023


Mouettes d'Arvor
Rillettes de Langoustine

Le Petit Marseillais
Pine & Sea Fennel

July 2023

Potato chips with
goat cheese &
Espelette pepper

June 2023

Arnaud Soubeyran
Calissons de Provence #SOCA1 Calissons de Provence,
tutti frutti #SOCATU1
Small calissons,
tutti frutti #SOCATUM7
19 calissons de
Provence #SOCA2
100 wands #SOGUA100W
box of 5 #SOGUA5
presentation box #SOGMCPE

Now available year-round!
Dark chocolate
hazelnut spread
Milk chocolate
hazelnut spread
#Milk chocolate
hazelnut spread w/ salted
caramel BOPALC

Cigarettes russes
Rolled wafers

May 2023

Les Mets de Provence
Black tapenade
Sundried tomato
spread #METO
Red pepper
spread #MEPE
Eggplant caviar

Les Comtes de Provence

Apricot spread,
organic #CEAP
Cassis spread
organic #CECA
#Fig spread,
organic CEFI
Red fruit spread
organic #CEFR
Orange spread,
organic #CEOR

9 chocolate-covered
cherries w/ Armagnac #MDGUAR1
16 chocolate-covered
cherries w/ Armagnac #MDGUAR2

Extra virgin olive
oil AOP Aix, cold-pressed #VIOL

Le Petit Marseillais
Shower gel,
pine & sea
fennel #LEDOPI
Shower gel
milk #LEDOLA
Shower gel,

Sablés w/
apple #FESAPO
Sablés w/
caramel #FESACA
Caramel cookies w/
dark chocolate #FEDACA

April 2023

Truffle-flavored chips, #BRTU Onion-flavored chips #BRON

Fish soup,
17 fl oz, #GASOFI
Lobster soup,
17 fl oz, #GASOLO
Oil infused with
sea lettuce & basil,
3.4 fl oz, #GAOLAL

Now available year-round!
Broyés du Poitou,
wooden box 7 oz
truffles, plain,
1.8 oz. #MATUSGO
truffles, plain,
3.5 oz #MATUSRE

March 2023

(250ml, 500ml)
(250ml, 500ml, 1l)
Basil (250ml) Lemon (250ml) Truffle (250ml)

1868 Prestige
Prestige (200ml) Pauline (200ml) Herbes de
Provence (200ml)
Pili pili (200ml) Truffl (200ml)

Chocolate sablés
15/3.5 oz #GISACH
Coffee sablés
15/3.5 oz #GISACH
Lemon sablés
15/3.5 oz #GISACH
Savory sablés
with Comté cheese 15/3.5 oz #GISAVC
Savory sablés
with onions 15/3.5 oz #GISAVO
Broyés du Poitou,
presentation box of 30 #GILAP

Detox Mint, linden
flower, verbena
Thyme 123 Sleep! Lemon ginger

Honey candies
with thyme ADCATHY
Honey candies,
poppy (coquelicot) ADCAPO
Honey candies,
mint leaves ADCAMI

February 2023

55 years ago, in the heart of Brittany, Michel Chatillon, artisan chocolatier, set his hand to the florentin--a recipe of chocolate and butter, orange zest and almonds--that dates back to the Renaissance. Cooked in a copper saucepan, dressed with a wooden spoon, then manually coated with chocolate on one side, the biscuits were quickly recognized for their quality and delicacy. Winner of numerous awards, including the European Gold Laurels, the biscuits are now manufactured in an artisanal bakery in La Chapelle-sur-Erder.
Florentins, milk chocolate
w/ caramel
12/3.5 oz #FLOCAL
Florentins, dark chocolate
w/ caramel
12/3.5 oz #FLOCAN
Florentins, dark chocolate
w/ candied
orange 12/3.5 oz #FLOCAL
Florentins, dark chocolate
w/ candied
lemon 12/3.5 oz #FLOLEN

24 Mignonettes, dark
chocolate 12/8.5 oz #COMIN
24 Mignonettes, milk
chocolate 12/8.5 oz #COMIL

Choco Sensations
10/5.5 oz #ILSE
Chocolate Supreme
Cookies 18/6.3 oz #ILSU

Blond sugar,
hexagones 6/1.7 lb #SICUBHEX
Brown cane sugar,
pieces in shape of hearts,
clubs, diamonds, spades 10/17.6 oz #SICUCUB
Brown cane sugar,
pieces 5/2.2 lb #SICUB10
Cassonade sugar
8/1.4 lb #SISUCA6
Powdered sugar
16/8.8 oz #SIGL2

Maître Savon de Marseille is a brand of the Savonnerie du Midi, one of only four soapmakers in Marseille to produce soaps according to a savoir-faire that dates back to the 14th century. According to the Union des Professionels du Savon de Marseille, an authentic savon de Marseille is
  • made in Marseille or the surrounding region
  • cooked in a cauldron
  • made exclusively from vegetable oils with no colorings, perfume, or other additives.
In addition to Marseille soaps, Maître Savon produces a range of pure hypoallergenic soaps for personal care along with all-natural household cleaning products based on Marseille soap or flaxseed oil.
Soap bar, lavender 24/3.5 oz
Soap bar, honeysuckle 24/3.5 oz
Soap bar, sweet almond 24/3.5 oz

Soap cube, olive 15/10.6 oz
Soap cube, nature 15/10.6 oz
Soap cube, extra pure
15/10.6 oz #MISA
Soap cube, lavender
15/10.6 oz #MISALA3

Set of 4 Provence soaps w/ essential
oils, box 8/14.1 oz #MISA4
Liquid Marseille soap, w/ pump
12/16.9 fl oz #MILI

Liquid Marseille soap for dish
and hands 12/16.9 fl oz #MIDIHA
Dishwashing liquid, thyme 12/16.9 fl oz
Miracle cleaner 12/51 fl oz #MIMI

Flaxseed soap w/ olive oil, spray
12/25.4 fl oz #MINOSP
Flaxseed soap, lavender 12/33.8 fl oz
Laundry detergent w/ Marselle soap
6/3.3 lb #MIMALA

January 2023
Devoted to 100% French cornichons, Maison Marc has been cultivating and transforming gherkins on the family farm in Chemilly-sur-Yonne in Burgundy for three generations. No herbicides or insecticides are ever used. The totality of the farm's production is picked and sorted by hand, then immediately packaged, with no preservatives. Maintaining and perpetuating French know-how, Maison Marc offers the tastiest, freshest, crunchiest, and most authentic cornichons to be found.

Cornichons fins
12/13.6 oz #MACO
extra fins
12/13.6 oz #MACOX
aigre doux (sweet and sour)
12/1.2 lb #MACOAS
Cornichons w/
basil 12/1.2 lb #MACOBA
Cornichons Malossols
12/1.8 lb #MACOMA
Cornichons fins,
pail #MACO3K

The Lapalisse oil mill, founded in Auvergne in 1898, produces oils with respect for tradition using modern means of production. Its Abel 1898 brand pays homage to Abel Paillard, founder of the company, and offers an impressive range of classic oils, including virgin and bio oils.

Almond oil 6/8.5 fl oz #BLAL Avocado oil 6/8.5 fl oz #BLAV Hazelnut oil 6/8.5 fl oz #BLHA Virgin hazelnut oil, bio
6/8.5 fl oz #BLHAV
Sesame seed oil, bio
6/8.5 fl oz #BLSEA
Virgin toasted sesame
seed oil 6/8.5 fl oz #BLSET
Walnut oil 6/8.5 fl oz #BLWA Virgin walnut oil
6/8.5 fl oz #BLWAV
Pistachio oil, bio
6/8.5 fl oz #BLPI
Virgin pumpkinseed oil
6/8.5 fl oz #BLPU
Grapeseed oil 6/16.9 fl oz #BLGR

Innovation and respect for French gastronomic tradition: these are the two guiding principles of Delouis. To carry them out, Delouis has its own laboratory for research and development, and it works with the great chefs. Delouis offers certified organic products that meet the standards of the profession: 80% of the products have no additives, no preservatives, and no thickeners.
Parisian vinaigrette (crudités
dip), bio 6/12.7 fl oz #DEVEPA
Vinaigrette w/ sundried tomatoes, bio
6/12.2 fl oz #DEVETO
Balsamic vinaigrette, bio
6/12.7 fl oz #DEVEBA
Vinaigrette w/ apple cider
vinegar, bio 6/12.2 fl oz #DEVECI
Vinaigrette w/ shallots,
bio 6/12.2 fl oz #DEVESH
Vinaigrette w/ sherry
vinegar, garlic, basil
& olive oil 12/11.8 fl oz #DEVIXEB

Fig sablés 15/5.8 oz #OUSAFI Grilletines (thick toasted bread) 12/8.5 oz #PAGR

Pim's Orange 15/5.3 oz #LUPIOR Pim's Raspberry 15/5.3 oz #LUPIRA Pim's Pear 15/5.3 oz #LUPIPE Pim's Strawberry 15/5.3 oz #LUPIST

Grain de Sail was born in 2010, in Morlaix, Brittany, when two enterprising brothers had the idea of transporting freight to and from the Americas with a specially designed cargo sailboat, thus keeping carbon emmissions to an absolute minimum. From South America the boat brings cocoa and green coffee to Brittany, where the cocoa is transformed into a line of organic bars. The next stop is New York City, to unload a precious cargo of chocolates and wine. And then the boat heads back to South America for more cocoa and coffee, and the wonderful adventure begins again.

Dark chocolate 85%, organic
20/3.5 oz #GRAS
Dark chocolate w/ buckwheat &
raisins, organic 20/3.5 oz #GRABUR
Dark chocolate w/ caramel & sea
salt, organic 20/3.5 oz #GRACAS
Dark chocolate w/ Earl Gray
tea, organic 20/3.5 oz #GRATE
Dark chocolate w/ hazelnut,
organic 20/3.5 oz #GRAHA
Milk chocolate 55%, organic
20/3.5 oz #GRIS
Milk chocolate w/ coffee,
organic 20/3.5 oz #GRICO
Milk chocolate w/ peanuts,
caramel & sea salt,
organic 20/3.5 oz #GRIPECA

One of France's most beloved brands, Les 2 Marmottes offers an extensive line of all-natural infusions and teas. In a workshop in Haute Savoie, these masters work their magic with more than 50 species of plants to produce this colorful
and healthy line of infusions that range from the soothing to the invigorating and beyond. No artificial flavors are ever used.
Infusion des Marmottes (linden flower, verbena,
orange flower petals, peppermint & 3 other plants)
10/1.6 oz #L2MARM
Retour à la ligne herbal tea (green tea
and rose petals) 10/2.2 oz #L2RELI
Cocktail Digest herbal tea (rosemary,
sage, green anis, fennel seeds) 10/1.9 oz #L2CO
Fée Nuit herbal tea (verbena
fennel seeds, orange flower petals
chamomile matricaria) 10/1.8 oz #L2FAIRY
Tilleul (linden flower) herbal tea
10/1.6 oz #L2LI
Verbena herbal tea 10/1.6 oz #L2VE

November 2022
For fans of La Trinquelinette jams, these compôtes, 83% fruit and 17% unrefined sugar, are a must-try.
Apple compôtes
12/13.1 oz #TICOPO
Apricot compôte
12/13.1 oz #TICOAP
Rhubarb compôte
12/13.1 oz #TICORU
Raspberry compôte
12/13.1 oz #TICORA

Milk chocolate w/
caramelized almonds
16/6.3 oz #COBIAL
Milk chocolate Connoisseur
bar w/ caramel 24/5.3 oz #COCOCA

Duck foie gras,
jar 2.8 oz ROFO0
Duck foie gras, jar
4.4 oz ROFO1

October 2022
A family business created in 1995 on the simple idea to promote potatoes from Brittany. Through a partnership with 265 farmers and a team of 300 workers, Altho-Brets produces one-third of all chips eaten in France.
Potato chips Camembert flavor
10/4.4 oz #BRCA
Potato chips aioli
10/4.4 oz #BRAI
Potato chips fromage frais et
fines herbes10/4.4 oz #BRFO

Sweet potato minestrone
soup, organic 6/1.5 lb #KASOMISP
Lentil and kale soup,
organic 6/1.5 lb #KASOLEKA

Seaweed Tartare 12/3.5 oz
Sardines w/ seaweed oil
18/4.1 oz #GASAOL
Sardines w/ lobster oil
18/4.1 oz #GASALOL
Lobster oil 3.4 fl oz

The same popular vinegars, now available in a 8.8 fl oz format.
Apple cider vinegar
6/8.5 fl oz #VUVICI2
Blackcurrant vinegar
6/8.5 fl oz #VUVICA2
Champagne vinegar
6/8.5 fl oz #VUVICH2
Raspberry vinegar
6/8.5 fl oz #VUVIRA2
Shallot vinegar
6/8.5 fl oz #VUVECH25
Sherry vinegar
6/8.5 fl oz #VUVIXE2
Tarragon vinegar
6/8.5 fl oz #VUVITA2
White winevinegar
6/8.5 fl oz #VUVIWI2

Chabert & Guillot
Dark nougat 27/3.5 oz #GONONO
Mathez Cocoa-powdered
truffles, plain, pom-pom
tin 12/8.8 oz #MATUPOPO
Delacre Délichoc,
Dark chocolate 12/5.3 oz #DEDEN

April 2022
Espig Provence barbecue
seasoning mix
6/1.4 oz #ESMIBAP
Espig Coarse pink Himalayan
salt, grinder
6/3.2 oz #ESSAHI
Sabarot Dried ceps grinder
19g (0.67 oz) #SAMIPO
Sabarot Dried mixed
forest mushrooms grinder
6/0.67 oz #SAMIMI

Long grain
rice from Camargue

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